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Thermal conductive plastic has become popular in LED component
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  • Thermally conductive plastics are used to replace metal thermal components of LED luminaires increasingly, the replaced parts including lamp holder, heat sink and shell. Compared to metal, the conductive plastic material has the advantage of heat evenly, lightweight and flexible sharps.

    The rapid development of LED industry, not only promotes the development of upstream industry greatly, but also further promotes breakthroughs in the field of high-end materials. The conductive plastic used in LED lamp including: LED chip packaging components, LED optical lens, light scattering components, efficient cooling components, light reflection and light diffusion slices.

    Thermal conductive plastic

    LED light is a sustainable alternative lighting solution; it can save 30% to 80% energy than fluorescent and incandescent lamps. LED luminaire emits a small amount of heat, but its thermal component has critical effect on the energy efficiency and lifespan of LED lamp. Therefore, researchers use thermal conductive filler to fill the polymer matrix material uniformly, improve its thermal performance, and develop effective thermal conductive plastic.

    Compared to traditional metal materials, thermal plastic has many advantages, summed up in the following four points:
    1) Heat evenly and no searing point, avoids deformation parts caused by high temperature.
    2) Light weight, it’s 40-50% lighter than aluminum.
    3) Easy to produce, no secondary processing.
    4) Product can be designed freely.

    The Use of conductive plastic can increase the flexibility of lighting design, and reduce the lamp weight. In addition, the conductive plastic can improve lighting efficiency effectively, finally save energy consumption. With the increasing technological innovation and investment efforts in this material, it will have good prospect and development space.

    Today, people remain highly concerns about carbon dioxide emissions, and increase the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection gradually; the LED technology can help people to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

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